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The perfect compliment to your chosen navigation app

OK, you're coming into a new harbour/river/anchorage ?  You have your onboard chartplotter, or mobile/tablet app for your you're pretty sure of where you are.. But what are you going to find on arrival ?

Where do you get tied up or anchored ?  What's the berthing fees ? Contact details for the Harbour Master/Marina. Here's where VMH comes in.  All the info you could need..right there on your phone or tablet !  (Because in these places there is very likely a mobile 3G or 4G signal). Harbour Info, contacts, prices, photos.. all there in your hand.  7 day weather and tides. Proper tide tables and tidal stream atlases.

Mobile VMH is a BETTER solution than a heavy paper Almanac, more info, more up to date, easy to get at on your phone. Exactly when you need it.

THEN there's the "proper" official raster charts. Seamless zoomable view the underlying paper charts. You'll find priceless info on these that you won't find on horrid, ugly, vector charts.

FINALY.. there's the seamless zoomable 2D VisiCharts, that combine satellite imagery, plus raster charts..with variable transparency.  There's nothing like these to give you a real feel for the place.  Images and charts overlaid.


Find the Satellite Charts link in the menu and have a play. The variable transparency slider is top right.

All in all VMH on your phone or tablet is an essential addition to your safety and peace of mind when moving around the coasts of the UK.

Mobile site for those who want the relevant info fast and on the move.... It's been specifically designed to be used with 3G or 4G SIM card data connections. It's fast and light, brief and to the point. Designed to be used with cold wet fingers on small screens.

But it also works suberbly on big hi-res HDMI screens (try it at home)...Membership of this separate MOBILE site will be a £7.99 yearly subscription, stoppable at any time.  It's the perfect foil and adjunct to your established chartplotting systems.. be it Navionics or other.

And those interested in buying the incredibly popular VMH "for Nav" raster charting packages specifically for tablets and phones.. there will be deals tailored for mobile only subscribers.

The desktop site is for those on big machines prepared to dig in for in depth research ashore. Membership of the DESKTOP site is £25, one off payment. Apart from the members only area with lots of international charts, it gives hefty discounts on all  the navigation products we make.  It will also give ultra cheap subscription to THIS mobile site.  Note there is nothing on the mobile site that can't be dug out on the desktop site...but the main site is not suitable for mobiles. The main site will continue as it is.

You can already see for free what's available if you dig about this site.  Except it's defaced..demo only, and may be out of date. Subscribers get access to the un-defaced up to date versions of all the charts, tide tables and tidal stream atlases. Extra subscriber only online charting areas, like France and the Near Continent may come later to this site as an upgrade.

If you don't already use your phone or tablet for chartplotting...

We will be soon be bringing out special Mobile Only 'For Nav' product deals for mobile VMH subscribers (special editions, extra activations, etc). Marine Navigator is a great real-time GPS navigation app, which works a treat on Android phones and tablets. And our 'For Nav' mobile chartsets are our best ever selling product.

Subscriptions won't be available till later in 2019   £7.99/year   (£2.20 for main site members)

Don't be a CHEAPSKATE -


How it works:  When you click the "Buy Now" button you'll be taken to our shopping cart. There you can securely pay a deposit of £5  by card or PayPal that will give you instant  temporary access on any of your devices or desktops. You will then get by email an invitation to fill out a Direct Debit mandate (Direct Debits are handled by specialists Go Cardless).  Once this is sorted we will Direct Debit the balance of £2.99. At that stage we will move you from the probationary access to the full subscriber access and give you new log in credentials. The next year we'll Direct Debit £7.99 just before the anniversary of your subscription.

The temporary access you get when you pay the £5 here will last for about 2 months.  If you don't fill out the Direct Debit mandate or we can't collect the balance of  £2.99, it will lapse and you'll lose access.

With Direct Debits you will ALWAYS get an email warning a few days before any monies are taken, giving date and amount. Cancelling subscription in the future is easy.  Tell us or just cancel the Direct Debit mandate with your bank. Direct Debits have a powerful (money back on demand)  Bank guarantee, so it's a very safe way to subscribe.

UK subscribers it's easy, and we should be able to arrange this for Euro denominated European accounts too.

We can't handle ongoing subscriptions by credit card or PayPal.